Full featured podcast player for iOS.
Revives classic iPod "On the Go" playlist.
Available on May 9th 2016.
Free to try on the App Store, 3.99$ IAP for premium features.

What is Castamatic?

Castamatic is the best way to listen to podcasts on any iOS device. Users can quickly assemble a custom sequence of shows to listen to, create a smart playlist, and listen to their favorite shows with top-notch audio quality, thanks to custom DSP algorithms.


A piece of the iPod lives again inside Castamatic. The "On the Go" playlist was originally meant to assemble a new playlist on the iPod if inspiration came while away from the computer, and then sync it to iTunes as soon as user goes back home. This comes even more useful in Castamatic, where the user can pick the episodes he wants to listen to in her next listening session and assemble them in a playlist just before leaving. As soon as an episode has been completely listened it will be automatically removed from the On the Go playlist.

Key Features

Smart automatic playlists with priority shows.

Manual "On the Go" Playlist: quickly pick shows for the next listening session.

Automatic or manual playlist reordering: sort playlists by date, or arrange them in a custom sequence.

Program dependent automatic leveler: increase audio level consistency between different parts/voices of each show, without altering original audio character.

Adaptive gap-zapper: increase play speed without losing intellegibility by shortening silent parts. Available in three levels for maximum customization.

Streaming support: spare network traffic downloading only the parts the user wants to play, when he wants to play them. (Or automatically download the whole thing as soon as it is published).

Chapters: quickly jump to favorite topics (available on podcasts that support ID3 chapter marks).

Apple Watch support: control playing, pick episodes, control audio effects directly from the watch app.

3D-touch to preview shownotes without interrupting currently playing show (on older devices the same feature is available by long press).

iCloud sync for subscriptions and playhead position: the user can pick subscribed shows on any of her iOS devices and resume playing from the point she left.

AudioUnit API based custom player, for maximum performance and minimal battery drain.

Serverless design: our studio can go out of business but Castamatic will keep on working until there are podcasts to listen to on planet Earth.

Future proof: Castamatic was coded using Swift from the ground up.

Pricing and Availability

Castamatic is available directly from the App Store worldwide and is free to try. Advanced features are available for free but will auto-disable after 20 minutes (user is free to re-enable them). A 3.99$ in app purchase removes all time limitations.

Who Wrote Castamatic?

Franco Solerio is a medical doctor and independent developer with 20 years experience in audio engineering and 10 years of experience producing podcasts. He lives and works in Sanremo, Italy.


twitter: @dokfranco

The author is happy to answer any questions about Castamatic, life as a developer, the Universe and Everything. Interview requests are welcome.


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