Smart playlists with priority shows

The app comes with two pre-installed playlists for All Episodes and Unlistened episodes. You can delete them, create new ones, and rearrange them on the screen as you like.

When you create a new playlist, or modify an existing one, you can select which podcasts to include in the playlist, and filter the episodes by listened status and download status. You can pick priority podcasts that will always be displayed at the top of the list.

Episodes in any playlist can be sorted in ascending or descending chronological order, and can be manually rearranged to order them in any way you like.

There are also two special playlists that are displayed only when needed. The On the Go playlist contains the episodes you pick by right-swiping on any episode, and it's displayed only when there are episodes inside it.

The Downloading playlist contains the episodes that are currently been downloaded, and is hidden as soon as there are no episodes downloading.

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