Manual "On the Go" playlist

The On the Go playlist, reminescent of the one introduced by Apple on the original iPod, make it fast and easy to prepare a custom sequence of shows to listen on your next commute.

Just open any other playlist or podcast and right-swipe any episode you want to add to the On the Go playlist. When you go back to the main screen (Podcasts and Playlists) you will find a new On the Go with all the episodes you picked, in the order you picked them.

When an episode has been completely listened it will desappear from the On the Go playlist.

You can remove episodes from the On the Go playlist by right-swiping again on them in any playlist or podcast list, or you can left swipe on the On the Go playlist cell and tap on the trash icon to empty it in one pass.

You can tell which episodes are in the On the Go playlist by a bycicle icon in the top right corner of their cell.